Good Bad Dry Shampoo for Hair Health

Dry shampoo is indeed very loved by women because of its practicality. When hair is limp and oily, dry shampoo can increase hair volume and make hair texture fuller without having to wash it with water. Dry shampoo is considered to be a solution for limp and oily hair. Who are women today who don’t know dry shampoo, the product that saves limp hair when you don’t have time to wash your hair? But do you know the pros and cons of dry shampoo for hair health? We Balayage Hairstyles will provide information related to the pros and cons of using dry shampoo below.

The use of dry shampoo can also cause hair color to fade and not shiny. This is because dry shampoo improves hair texture by reducing the hair’s natural oils so that the natural shine of the hair is reduced and looks dull. Dry shampoo can also cause stunted hair growth because dry shampoo residue can interfere with natural hair loss. In addition to disturbing the hair that is already on the head, the rest of the dry shampoo also inhibits the growth of hair that is just starting to grow. This can lead to hair loss. The solution is to occasionally use a color-protecting shampoo in addition to dry shampoo and clarifying shampoo when shampooing.

In addition, if dry shampoo is not cleaned properly, it can trigger the appearance of dandruff on the scalp. The solution is to do scalp care if you use dry shampoo, to prevent dandruff. Using dry shampoo, too often without washing your hair immediately after a day of use, means that you have allowed the product content to become a “permanent resident” on your scalp. Instead, use dry shampoo only on the dry strands, not on the skin of the hair. Do not too often and too much use dry shampoo to prevent the buildup of residues that can cause various hair health problems. After using dry shampoo, make sure to clean your hair and scalp well.

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